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Understanding Hinata

Hinata loved the stream.

It was a secluded place (where perverts couldn't get to her). She went there when she was going through turmoil.

Like now.

'I can't believe I'm in love with a boy who barely notices me!' her Inner Hinata ranted. 'I mean, part 1 of the Chunin Exams, I offered to help him, but he didn't even want my help!'

She didn't realize she was ranting out loud.

Or that a certain potty-mouth Jashinist was at the stream.

"Damn it." she darkly muttered.

That was when she heard muttering opposite from her. She vaguely heard something about...'fuck' or 'Tobi' at times.

Her lavender-white eyes looked across the stream and noticed a white-haired man. A scythe was straight across his lap and he was cursing. Badly.

The man noticed Hinata and looked up at her with an intimidating look.

That look faded when both of them noticed each other's eyes.

They both saw lavender.

"S-sorry to disturb you, s-sir." she nervously said, looking down at her lap.

"No problem. I was getting frickin' sick of muttering to nothing." the man said. "Who are you, anyway?"

"H-hinata. You?" she dipped a hand into the stream, the water running through her fingers.

"Hidan. That's all you need to know." he said shortly.

Silence lingered. Then...

"What's up with you?" Hidan simply asked.

"Hmm?" She lifted her eyebrow.

"You seemed pissed off."

"This might seem immature, but I like a boy who doesn't pay attention to me." Inner Hinata spoke through her.

"Are you sure it's 'like'?" Hidan questioned.

"It's more like 'love', but it's really exasperating." That was when she decided to tell everything. "He always goes for Sakura, knowing she's seriously crushing on SASUKE. When I try to help, he's too stubborn to accept it. When I confessed, he just stood there, saying nothing."

She took deep breaths after that, relieved that pressure was taken off her shoulders. After contemplating, Hidan responded.

"This boy. How old is he?"


"Too immature to know love from obsession. He thinks you're a freak or stalker. Get over him." he told it to her straight.


"Yes. You can fucking do better. Anybody is better than a boy who thinks you fucking stalk him." Hidan said calmly.

"You're right, Hidan. Thanks for listening." she said softly.

"No problem, Hinata-chan. Now, kick some ass." Hidan smirked before he promptly got up and walked away, scythe in hand.

"Better." she sighed.
For the contest at: [link]

Slight Hinata/Hidan.

It's just something that helps Hinata cope with the fact that her love for Naruto is unrequited.
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TheCriticofInnocence Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Student General Artist
good, of course. It's good that Hinata has an outlet for her unrequited love.
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Ooh, this is amazing! Good luck with the contest!
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